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Our Mission

The OT Leaders & Legacies Society will identify, honor, and fully engage a cadre of occupational therapy professionals who have demonstrated their leadership abilities and skills through service in a variety of civic and professional organizations. This broad community of established occupational therapy leaders will support and promote the profession through a variety of strategies. Members will design, lead, and participate in projects that honor OT history and social contributions as well as sustain and enrich the profession.

Who Are We?

We are a community of energetic, accomplished, senior and mid-career occupational therapy practitioners who are committed to the growth of the profession. We are not defined by what we have done in the past--we continue to be active in our communities and our profession.

We are leaders in

Our members live in 3 countries and 38 different states; our careers span 20 to more than 70 years of activity. By joining together as a Society, we help build and maintain our professional community, advance the profession, and support civic communities.

View our list of members and explore a database of our members' interests in volunteer and mentoring initiatives to learn more about who we are.

What Do We Do?

We advance O.T. and contribute to our professional and personal communities jointly as well as individually. Our members' individual activities are described in their bios. A few of our current Society run projects are:

Some of our projects are accomplished solely by Society members. Other efforts are accomplished in collaboration with existing organizations. We continually explore ways to establish collaborative relationships with existing organizations in order to provide our members with opportunities to engage in meaningful projects. Currently, our partners include several state occupational therapy associations as well as AOTA. We  support each organization in a different manner. For example, we worked with the leadership of the PTE honor society, we supported AOTA by recommending individuals to serve as members of a special editorial board, and we supported a state association by providing a panel of expert presenters for its OT month continuing education program. Read more about our recent activities under Society Updates and Accomplishments.

Put simply, regardless of the project, our overarching goals are to help our members find ways to continue to experience the joy of community and the satisfaction of contributing their leadership skills and knowledge to advancing O.T.

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The Occupational Therapy Leaders and Legacies Society (OTLLS), with membership comprising over 100 respected leaders from the occupational therapy profession, has a mission to support, promote, sustain, and enrich the profession of occupational therapy through a variety of projects led and implemented by members. Since its official incorporation in 2017, OTLLS has mounted productive and important initiatives to preserve occupational therapy history, establish a national honor society for Occupational Therapy Assistants, and establish a foundation to fund scholarships and other initiatives to advance the profession. 

OTTLS encourages its members to engage as individuals in non-OTLLS endeavors that they believe sustain and advance occupational therapy. It recognizes that some of these endeavors involve advocacy for various causes. As an independent membership organization, OTLLS does not take official positions on matters concerning the governance and leadership of other occupational therapy organizations. Although it respects the rights of its individual members to express their particular points of view, it insists that they do as individuals, taking care to clarify that they do not represent the official views of the OTLLS organization or speak on behalf of other members. References to OTLLS in public communications expressing collective points of view, the use of its logo, or its membership lists is unauthorized unless expressly approved by the board (and membership, as applicable) of OTLLS.