Membership Fees and Expectations

Once accepted into the Society, members are expected to pay annual dues and participate in Society-sponsored activities each year. Members are asked to pay dues in order to support the work of the Society. A dues structure has been developed that offers members the opportunity to pay for 1, 3, or 5 years of membership.

Beginning August, 2018, the membership year is August 1-July 31. Members who select a multi-year option lock in the fee at the time of their one-time payment and are not assessed any additional fees during the period that they have selected. Membership fees for 2018 are: 1 year: $100, 3 years: $250, 5 years $500.

Checks should be made payable to OT Leaders and Legacies Society and mailed to:

OT Leaders and Legacies Society

c/o 918 Frazier Road

Rydal, PA 19046

(Please note that we cannot accept credit card or other electronic forms of payment at this time. Thank you for your understanding.)