Social Justice

Call to Action for Social Justice

We, the OT Leaders & Legacy Society Board, on behalf of the Board and our organization, wish to express our support for our African American members, colleagues, and students. We want to recognize that it is essential to acknowledge the pain, anger, and despair many of us are feeling. Do not forget to reach out, listen, and seek understanding of one another’s experiences.

As we reflect on the recent events in our society related to systemic racism, social injustice, and discrimination, now is the time to step forward together to foster an OT professional community of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The OTL&LS seeks to facilitate an inclusive OT community that is equipped to address systemic racism, discrimination, and health disparities for all people. To assist in transforming the profession to include and elevate the voices of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and other marginalized people, requires new strategies, interactions, projects, and resources.

We need members who are willing to spearhead and guide this transformation. Please consider volunteering to lead our discussion during the fall annual meeting when we will explore ideas for proposals and projects for OTL&LS in this area. If you are interested, contact:

OTL&LS is committed to nurturing a community of equality and a professional organization where all voices will be heard regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or status. We will continue to speak against prejudice and racism while supporting our African American colleagues, clients, and overall communities. We will work to end discrimination in any form, especially as it impacts equal opportunities to participate in occupations of choice. Together we can make a difference in promoting inclusion for all.


Ellen L. Kolodner, MSS, OTR, FAOTA, President

Shirley A. Wells, DrPH, OTR, FAOTA, Vice President

Teri Black, COTA, ROH, Secretary

Melanie Ellexson, DHSc, MBA, OTR/L, FAOTA, Treasurer

Lesley Geyer, MA, OTR/L Director

Sandy Hanebrink, OTR/L, CLP, FAOTA, Director

Patti LaVesser, PhD, OTR, Director

Please click here to download a PDF of this document "Call to Action for Social Justice"