Society Updates and Accomplishments

Below, please find a Report on projects and initiatives supported by the OT L&LS as a way to serve and enhance the profession of occupational therapy. This content is updated as of April 2019. Page Table of Contents:

Membership Committee

  • Revised member application process.
  • Drafted Bio template and Volunteer Interest Checklist.
  • Created Acceptance Letter and Certificate for New Members.
  • Discussed possible recruitment efforts.
  • Sought Board approval for Society acronym.

Recruitment of OTA Leaders

  • Reviewed previous recruitment efforts, recommendations by the membership committee, and membership numbers.
  • OTL&LS recruitment flyer was updated.
  • Brainstorming use of social media platforms (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn).
  • Discussed reaching out to OTA program directors, informing them of Society activities for recommendations of alumni OTA leaders.
  • State association presidents: a letter has been sent seeking recommendations of OTA leaders that are leading in their community and state, however, may not have been recognized.
  • Identified AOTA Conference sessions that address leadership and are specific to OTAs.
  • Discussed reaching out to VLDC leaders for identification of OTA leaders.
  • OTL&LS buttons were created to promote and increase visibility of the Society.
  • Collaborated and coordinated efforts with the membership committee.

Historical Preservation Project

  • OTArchive participants and OTL&LS members were contacted and invited to participate in the OTL&LS History Preservation Project.
    • Resources (e.g., release forms, suggested prompts, student project guidelines) for collecting oral histories were shared.
    • General thank you acknowledgement sent to those who responded affirmatively with a note that contribution details will follow.
  • Obtained assistance from Chris Davis and Barb Dickson of the AOTA that the AOTA centennial celebration website will be maintained for the foreseeable future.
  • Authored a plan for updating the OTL&LS website to include sidebars with links to identified resources that are available and related to OT's history.
  • Identified several historical resources, including:
    • MOTA's association and Historical committee.
    • Archived documents (i.e., Gary Kielhofner's) and collected materials (i.e., San Jose State, Temple University).
    • Transcribed oral histories and videos.
    • TWU identified as a potential repository for physical items and other historical resources.
    • Canadian OT Association's website as an exemplar.

Alpha Omega Tau (AΩT): OTA Honor Society

  • Created the OT Leaders and Legacies' Foundation to oversee the Honor society.
  • Established a National Coordinator (Kathryn Eberhardt, MA Ed., COTA/L, ROH).
  • Established a Mission and Pledge for the society.
  • Approved documents include the Philosophy of Scholarship; Chapter Structure, Petition for Chapter Establishment, Chapter Candidates, Suggested Chapter Resources; Membership Eligibility, Applicant Assessment Criteria, Membership Procedure, Membership Review and Board Materials, Membership Application, and Member Types.
  • May 2019 will launch a pilot program of 8 Universities for honor society chapters.