Please note that the membership application process is currently under review. 

Until the revised process is posted, we will continue to review applications submitted in the current format. Please contact with any questions.

Becoming a Member

The Society welcomes and encourages applications by distinguished individuals who demonstrate sustained service as leaders in occupational therapy. Initial overwhelming response to the Society has made us aware of the large number of passionate leaders who would like to join the Society. 

A Nominations committee will review all applications following the established procedure. Applicants will be notified of decisions within 30 days of submission.

For more information contact or see the FAQs.

Membership Criteria

Membership is open to those with 10 or more years of active employment as an OT/OTA, who also demonstrate “sustained leadership” in support of occupational therapy. Generally, sustained leadership is evidenced by volunteer involvement over a period of seven or more years. Membership is conferred in recognition of significant personal involvement in advancing occupational therapy at local, state, and/or national levels and acknowledgement of an ongoing desire to contribute to the field.

Successful applicants will have: 

Application Process

Interested individuals may apply for membership by submitting the following:

Membership Responsibilities

Once an individual has been offered membership in the Society, they are required to: