Colonel Arthur Yeager


Led intensive outpatient programs in a Combat Operational Stress Control unit for Service-members while deployed in Mosul, Iraq (2008-09) and Kandahar, Afghanistan (2012-13).  Served as the OT mission consultant to the Commander of the European Regional Health Command (2015-18) for combat wounded and over 200,000 beneficiaries (family members, retirees, etc.) in Europe, Africa, and Southwest Asia.  Established the first military OT Telehealth program in Europe providing synchronous patient care while reducing costly travel to Italy and Turkey.  Instructed over 50 telehealth nurses during three training courses for Care Coordinators and Tele/Virtual Health Presenters and currently manages the Army Tele-Behavioral Health Program.  As Chief of Policy Development for Army Behavior Health (2018-pres), duties include general oversight of behavioral health (BH) policy publications and ultimately policy synthesis and standardization of BH policy within three global health systems (Army, Navy, and Air Force).  These duties support a historically unprecedented national transition to a single enterprise known as the Defense Health Agency (DHA).  Current leadership roles support Army OT’s emerging integration into the Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F) System and Human Performance Optimization (HPO).  Consequently, for the first time in over two decades the Army OT population will double over the next five years as therapists embed at the unit level of our fighting forces.

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