Kendra Cooper

Name and Contact

  • Kendra J. Cooper

  • Email:

Area(s) of Expertise

  • Telehealth

  • Mental Health

  • School-based Practice

  • Occupational Therapy Management

Awards and Honors

  • Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award in Canada recipient, 1987

  • Therapist of the Month, December 2018 - Global Teletherapy

  • Repeated awards for promoting student attendance, awards for Arizona Virtual Academy 2019-2020

Leadership Accomplishments and Passions (List up to 10)

  • Developed and led an Occupational Therapy Interest Group in Mental Health in London, ON (1992)

  • Developed and oversaw OT and COTA Internship Program at Oakland General Hospital Mental Health inpatient unit, Madison Heights, MI (1994)

  • Regularly mentor other occupational therapy practitioners while sharing my expertise in mental health, telehealth, and school-based practice

  • Since 2019, established myself as an expert in the telehealth model of occupational therapy service provision, regularly sharing information and teaching other practitioners. This has included:

    • Poster presentations at AOTA and Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Annual Conferences

    • Numerous webinar presentations for Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Annual Conferences and Arizona Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conferences and SIS meetings

    • Webinar presentation for McComb Community College Occupational Therapy Assistant Program, Annual Advocate and Educate Conference

    • Meeting emergency need for education and training to occupational therapy practitioners who were suddenly faced with the transition to a telehealth service delivery model at the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic through an evening webinar series for the Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association, a live recorded educational online interview with Q and A and resources for a nationally known OT Blogger who focuses on school-based practice, virtual individual consultation to numerous occupational therapy practitioners across the country

  • Mentored several occupational therapists with the transition from face-to-face to virtual evaluations of students throughout the state of Arizona and as a guest Telehealth expert panelist for a Capstone student presentation 2021 for Indiana University-Purdue University and Indiana Occupational Therapy Association

  • Published article in the Journal Occupational Therapy in Health Care in October 7, 2021: The Transition to Occupational Therapy in Telehealth: Lessons Learned.

  • Currently serve as Lead/Managing Occupational Therapist for Arizona Virtual Academy, a position that allows me to share my expertise as a school-based OT while leading a staff of therapists on a daily basis

  • I have a passion and love of OT and see membership in the OTLLS as one more way I can support the profession

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