Razan Hamed

I am an associate professor and associate director in the occupational therapy program at Columbia University. I have clinical experience in mental health with a focus on inpatient psychosocial rehab and substance abuse. I am also the director of the MOT research curriculum, so I teach several courses and mentor OTD students. I have assumed several leadership and administrative positions inside and outside the US in various academic institutions including program director, department chair, and vice dean.

I am a researcher with a record of publication and grant funding that resulted in several published articles, posters, and presentations. I currently serve on the AOTA DEI committee, as a faculty liaison for the Columbia COTAD chapter, and as a member of several DEI committees at the program, department, and University levels.

I have a passion for curriculum design, innovative OT interventions, and advocacy. I am a member of the AOTA, WFOT, and NYSOTA state association, and the founder of the Arab American Occupational Therapy Group.

I am also an avid advocate for embracing DEI+ in OT education, practice, and professional communication. I served as a member of the DEI task force (2020-2021) and currently serve as a member of the AOTA DEI committee (2021-present). I also serve as a faculty liaison of the Columbia University COTAD chapter and sit in multiple DEI committees in my professional networks and anti-racism coalition at Columbia University. I teach a course on DEI & Professional Skills at Columbia University where I applied and received funding to use the immersive technology of virtual reality to teach the students about DEI+ in healthcare and its role in effective professional and communication skills. My firm belief in DEI+ and its significance in OT practice keeps me fully engaged in all these research, volunteer, and professional activities.

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