Sowmya S Ganesh

Sowmya Ganesh, an Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy at Saint Joseph’s University, possesses a multifaceted career as a clinical practitioner, supervisor, academician, business owner, advisory board member, and fieldwork supervisor across OTA, MOT, and OTD programs. Sowmya's undergraduate, graduate and post professional doctoral degree is variegated with subject area concentrations in chemistry, physics, computer science and occupational therapy providing a broad based knowledge and understanding of concepts to apply as a clinician.

With a commitment towards working with neurodivergent population and addressing mental health and pediatric trauma, Sowmya specializes in sensory based interventions, and  providing education on trauma-informed care in pediatric settings. Her research interests focuses on child mental health, and she strives to advocate awareness for trauma informed practice, student learning in emergent areas of practice and enhancing evidence-based approaches to support intervention and  in school and pediatric environments worldwide. Sowmya's outlook is always looking for opportunities to advance OT profession, and  promoting diversity, equity, inclusion in policy and practice.

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