Vikram Pagpatan


My professional leadership activities include my dedication to lifelong learning, continued growth and competency in teaching excellence, and through professional and civic advocacy. First, I am a dedicated educator which is evident through my Certification of Leadership in Academia by the Academic Leadership Institute from the AOTA. A pursuit which enabled me to be mentored and guided by the very leaders of our profession and to establish networks with like-minded and innovative educators. Next, my service-oriented pursuits allowed me to serve as an appointed member of the inaugural AOTA DEI Committee, an invaluable experience which enabled me to push the envelope in advancing cultural humility education through intentional publications and formulating leadership initiatives for OT/OTA practitioners from diverse backgrounds into leadership trainings. Additionally, I am an elected member of the AOTA Board of Directors which has enabled me to learn and work within a leadership board that is dedicated towards inclusivity, innovation, and trust. Furthermore, I have co-edited and authored a publication focused on DEI focused case study education from AOTA Press and have co-authored a chapter through the DEI lens for the most recent iteration of the Texture of Life text, 5th edition. These experiences have been impactful to allow me to voice my vision as a person of color and develop content and text that focused evidenced based practice with social justice tenets. Lastly, I serve within the leadership of the Asian-Pacific Heritage Occupational Therapy Association (APHOTA), a MDI member of the AOTA. This dynamic experience has allowed me to connect and develop national linkages of support, advocacy and education for OT/OTA practitioners from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

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