Oral History Project

Project Completion Resources

Interview release form: this form will be required to be completed for all interviews that will be directly posted on the OTL&LS website. All completed forms will need to be signed, dated, and submitted to administrator@otleaders.org. Videos from public domains (e.g., YouTube) do not require a release form.

Interview guidelines, suggested prompts, and targeted questions

Guidelines for recording audio interviews

Guidelines for submitting audio and video files

Guidelines for transcribing audio recordings

Get Involved

Please direct all questions regarding the above resources or ways to participate in collecting/archiving Oral Histories to administrator@otleaders.org.

Completed Oral Histories and Interview Synopses

  • OTL&LS Interviews and Oral Histories:
  • The AOTA's Interviews with the 100: Reflecting on the past, discussing the future
    • These interviews were conducted with several of the 100 most influential people in occupational therapy for the profession's Centennial celebration in 2017 to obtain their perspectives about their careers, practice innovations, and the evolution and future of the profession.
  • Maryland Occupational Therapy Association website: typed reports of interviews
    • This site includes important dates in OT's history, particularly in Maryland. If you scroll mid-way down the site, you will find information of 23 interview synopses with OT leaders who were selected by the History Committee for their significant contributions to OT in Maryland. The History Committee of the Maryland History Project worked in collaboration with Towson University to complete oral histories with the occupational therapists selected by the committee.
  • University of North Dakota website: oral histories
    • This site includes 23 interviews of occupational therapy leaders who have made significant contributions to the field on a state, regional, national and/or international level. It includes interview videos, posters, and abstracts.

'My OT Journey' Podcast Interviews of OT Leaders

'My OT Journey' is a student-run podcast that was created by Dr Robin Akselrud, OTD, OTR/L to foster connections and unity between OT and OTA students and OT/OTA practitioners. It seeks to develop students’ leadership skills and promote the profession by having OT/OTA students interview aspiring practitioners, professionals that can serve as resources for students as they prepare for their future practice, and recognized leaders in the field. Leader interviews include: